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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
I. F. Clarke, 6 books
Andrew Lynch, 5 books
Alesʹ Adamovich, 4 books
Yasutaka Saigusa, 4 books
Lars Koch, 4 books
Carine Bourget, 3 books
Mildred Davidson, 3 books
Santanu Das, 3 books
Peter Pierce, 3 books
Alex Vernon, 3 books
Geoff Fox, 3 books
Marina MacKay, 3 books
Kate McLoughlin, 3 books
Kate Agnew, 3 books
Simone Weil, 3 books
Charles Jones, 3 books
Brenda Josephine Liddy, 3 books
Catherine Mary McLoughlin, 3 books
Sherrill Grace, 3 books
Tatiana Prorokova, 3 books
Katrina O'Loughlin, 3 books
Stephanie Downes, 3 books
Strakhil Popov, 2 books
Ursula Heukenkamp, 2 books
Kuroko, Kazuo, 2 books