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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre de Ronsard, 9 books
Paul Laumonier, 7 books
Silver, Isidore, 6 books
Marcel Raymond, 6 books
Champion, Pierre, 6 books
Cohen, Gustave, 5 books
André Gendre, 5 books
Pierre de Nolhac, 5 books
Fernand Desonay, 3 books
Julien Tiersot, 3 books
Claude Binet, 3 books
André Gendre, 3 books
Albert Py, 3 books
Michel Simonin, 3 books
Joseph Vianey, 2 books
Jacques Davy Du Perron, 2 books
Raymond Lebègue, 2 books
Donald Stone, 2 books
Alex L. Gordon, 2 books
Gilbert Gadoffre, 2 books
Henri Franchet, 2 books
Kenneth Rudge Wilson Jones, 2 books
Michel, Pierre, 2 books
Hugues Vaganay, 2 books
Marius Piéri, 2 books


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