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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
F. K. Crowley, 3 books
Donald Horne, 3 books
Michelle Grattan, 3 books
A. R. Hoyle, 3 books
Larry Noye, 2 books
John Drayton, 2 books
Robert Staughton Lynd, 2 books
Willard Learoyd Sperry, 2 books
Christopher Cunneen, 2 books
Luccock, Halford Edward, 2 books
Paolo Vita-Finzi, 2 books
Dean Jaensch, 2 books
David Day, 2 books
Paul G. Hackett, 2 books
Kristin Otto, 2 books
Cameron Hazlehurst, 2 books
J.-B.-L Bourassa, 2 books
W. J. Hudson, 2 books
Judith Brett, 2 books
Donald Menzies Gibb, 2 books
Maurizio Serra, 2 books
Michel Winock, 2 books
Eyal J. Naveh, 1 book
Christian Faure, 1 book
Anne Rawson, 1 book