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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Australia, 19 books
C. E. W. Bean, 12 books
Malcolm Mackerras, 10 books
D. M. Horner, 10 books
Jeffrey Grey, 9 books
Thomas Keneally, 8 books
David Harris Solomon, 7 books
Australia. Constitutional Commission., 7 books
Ronald J. Austin, 6 books
Alan Stephens, 6 books
The Fresh, 6 books
Zillah Williams, 6 books
Australian Audit Office., 6 books
John Warhurst, 5 books
Australia. Geological Branch., 5 books
Neil C. Smith, 5 books
Claire McNab, 5 books
Henry Reynolds, 5 books
Gareth Powell, 5 books
Research Group, 5 books
Scarm, 5 books
Mark Johnston, 5 books
Stevens, David, 5 books
Wilson, David, 5 books
George Odgers, 5 books


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