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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jon Cleary, 18 books
Peter Corris, 12 books
Isadore Brodsky, 7 books
Cedric Emanuel, 5 books
Justine Larbalestier, 5 books
Thomas Keneally, 5 books
Shirley Fitzgerald, 4 books
Ava Hubble, 3 books
Peter Spearritt, 3 books
Doyle, Peter, 3 books
Barbara Hannay, 3 books
Australian Museum, 3 books
Grace Karskens, 3 books
Sydney (N.S.W.). Council., 3 books
Nury Vittachi, 3 books
John Haskell, 3 books
Richard Flanagan, 3 books
Mandy Sayer, 3 books
Susan Geason, 3 books
Ruth Park, 3 books
Miranda Lee, 3 books
Douglass Baglin, 2 books
Tennant, Kylie, 2 books
Eleanor Dark, 2 books
P. R. Stephensen, 2 books


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