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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur William Upfield, 37 books
Mudrooroo, 18 books
Bain Attwood, 15 books
Alexander Wyclif Reed, 15 books
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 15 books
Reynolds, Henry, 14 books
Ronald Murray Berndt, 13 books
Tim Rowse, 12 books
Cole, Keith, 11 books
A. P. Elkin, 10 books
Clark, Ian D., 10 books
Sally Morgan, 10 books
Jon C. Altman, 10 books
Nicolas Peterson, 9 books
H. C. Coombs, 9 books
B. Wongar, 9 books
Larissa Behrendt, 9 books
E. A. Young, 9 books
C. D. Rowley, 8 books
Catherine Helen Berndt, 8 books
P. J. Trezise, 8 books
Colin Martin Tatz, 8 books
Neville Green, 8 books
Peter Read, 8 books
Australian Bureau of Statistics, 8 books


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