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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
W. E. B. Du Bois, 36 books
Mark Twain, 34 books
Joe R. Feagin, 30 books
Martin Luther King Jr., 24 books
John Solomos, 24 books
Manning Marable, 23 books
William Faulkner, 22 books
Bruce A. Glasrud, 20 books
Patricia McKissack, 19 books
Nelson Mandela, 18 books
Malcolm X, 18 books
John David Smith, 16 books
Michel Prum, 16 books
Henry Louis Gates, 15 books
Richard T. Schaefer, 15 books
Mildred D. Taylor, 15 books
Michael Eric Dyson, 15 books
Joseph R. Washington, 15 books
United States Commission on Civil Rights., 14 books
Wilson, William J., 14 books
George Yancy, 14 books
Desmond Tutu, 14 books
Paula S. Rothenberg, 14 books
John Rex, 14 books
Margaret L. Andersen, 14 books


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