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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Léopold Sédar Senghor, 9 books
George Yancy, 8 books
Nia King, 7 books
Paul Kivel, 6 books
Livio Sansone, 6 books
Asante, Molefi K., 5 books
bell hooks, 5 books
Paula S. Rothenberg, 5 books
James L. Conyers, 5 books
Ronald L. Jackson, 5 books
David R. Roediger, 5 books
Bianca Ortíz, 4 books
Haki R. Madhubuti, 4 books
Femi Ojo-Ade, 4 books
Michael Eric Dyson, 4 books
Paul E. Lovejoy, 4 books
Marcus Garvey, 4 books
Beverly Daniel Tatum, 4 books
Manning Marable, 4 books
Eduardo Restrepo, 4 books
Zilá Bernd, 4 books
Malcolm X, 4 books
G. K. Osei, 3 books
Mohamed Adhikari, 3 books
Wade W. Nobles, 3 books


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