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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rosenthal, Alan, 8 books
Sheila Curran Bernard, 6 books
Ian Aitken, 5 books
Zimmermann, Peter, 5 books
Guy Gauthier, 5 books
Phillip W. Stewart, 5 books
Mahmoud Hussein, 5 books
John E. O'Connor, 4 books
National Audiovisual Center., 4 books
Brian Winston, 4 books
Bill Nichols, 4 books
Robin Mellom, 4 books
Barry Keith Grant, 4 books
Richard Meran Barsam, 4 books
Dziga Vertov, 4 books
Michael Renov, 3 books
Paul Rotha, 3 books
Lewis Jacobs, 3 books
Maeve Binchy, 3 books
Günter H. Lenz, 3 books
Casimiro Torreiro, 3 books
Jennifer Crusie, 3 books
Julio E. Miranda, 3 books
Barry Hampe, 3 books
Keith Beattie, 3 books


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