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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kevin Rockett, 4 books
Don Graham, 4 books
Michael Wood, 4 books
Raita Merivirta, 3 books
Alessandro Faccioli, 3 books
Gianni Canova, 2 books
Martin M. Winkler, 2 books
Peter C. Rollins, 2 books
Franco Bonazzi, 2 books
Shepherd, David, 2 books
Flaminio Di Biagi, 2 books
Fidelma Farley, 2 books
Josef Gugler, 2 books
Mario Palumbo, 2 books
Rafał Marszałek, 2 books
Allison Graham, 2 books
Ismail Merchant, 2 books
W. Barnes Tatum, 2 books
René Jeanne, 2 books
David William Foster, 2 books
Ananda Mitra, 2 books
Kevin Brownlow, 2 books
Gesù, Sebastiano., 2 books
Angel Miquel, 2 books
Dominique Goy-Blanquet, 2 books


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