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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Lester, 23 books
Edwin S. Shneidman, 11 books
Derek Humphry, 7 books
Émile Durkheim, 7 books
Leo Sher, 6 books
Inamura, Hiroshi, 5 books
Norman L. Farberow, 5 books
Eric Marcus, 5 books
John Donne, 4 books
Paul Ludwig Landsberg, 4 books
Thomas E. Joiner, 4 books
David Hume, 4 books
Julie Anne Peters, 4 books
Diane Chamberlain, 4 books
Earl A. Grollman, 4 books
Robert I. Simon, 4 books
Maurizio Pompili, 4 books
Amresh Shrivastava, 4 books
Adina Wrobleski, 4 books
Ann Smolin, 4 books
Antoon A. Leenaars, 3 books
Keith Hawton, 3 books
Statistics Canada., 3 books
Ada Abram, 3 books
Eustace Chesser, 3 books


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