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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 146 books
Samuel Richardson, 5 books
Margaret Mead, 5 books
Daniel Buckman, 4 books
George Eliot, 4 books
Petlikar, Ishwar, 4 books
Jeff Gordinier, 4 books
Hartwin Brandt, 4 books
John Fletcher, 3 books
Lavanya Sankaran, 3 books
Jeanne Ray, 3 books
Madeleine Thien, 3 books
William Strauss, 3 books
Plain, Belva., 3 books
Marilynne Robinson, 3 books
Anthony Esler, 3 books
Meg Wolitzer, 3 books
Gene Stratton-Porter, 3 books
Eda J. LeShan, 3 books
Neil Howe, 3 books
Angela Barron McBride, 2 books
Edmund Gosse, 2 books
Butterfield, Herbert Sir, 2 books
Promilla Kapur, 2 books
Pam Chun, 2 books


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