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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joshua A. Fishman, 50 books
Peter Trudgill, 23 books
Howard Giles, 20 books
Nikolas Coupland, 16 books
Jan Blommaert, 15 books
Ulrich Ammon, 14 books
Oscar Uribe Villegas, 14 books
Norbert Dittmar, 13 books
Monica Heller, 12 books
Holmes, Janet, 12 books
Ceil Lucas, 12 books
Basil B. Bernstein, 11 books
Harald Haarmann, 10 books
Gisela Brandt, 10 books
Ranko Bugarski, 10 books
Sue Wright, 10 books
Robert B. Kaplan, 10 books
Helen Kelly-Holmes, 10 books
Matthias Hartig, 10 books
Mikhail Videnov, 10 books
Miriam Meyerhoff, 9 books
Peter H. Nelde, 9 books
Ruth Wodak, 9 books
Thierry Bulot, 9 books
Jean Berko Gleason, 8 books


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