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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Darwin, 12 books
Peter Trudgill, 9 books
Lucien Reychler, 8 books
Vries, Hugo de, 7 books
Ernst Mayr, 7 books
Raymond Hickey, 7 books
James Milroy, 6 books
Andy Kirkpatrick, 6 books
Barbara Cohen, 6 books
Braj B. Kachru, 6 books
Dennis Richard Preston, 6 books
Lisa Lim, 5 books
Gunnel Melchers, 5 books
David Crystal, 5 books
Mari D'Agostino, 5 books
Edgar W. Schneider, 5 books
William Labov, 5 books
Mikhail Videnov, 5 books
A. D. Travkina, 4 books
G. Ledyard Stebbins, 4 books
Nigel Armstrong, 4 books
Jennifer Jenkins, 4 books
Alexandra N. Lenz, 4 books
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly, 4 books
Henslow, George, 4 books


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