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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joan Bybee, 6 books
August Dauses, 6 books
Peter Trudgill, 5 books
William Labov, 5 books
Marlis Hellinger, 5 books
A. D. Travkina, 4 books
Anne Pauwels, 4 books
Frans Hinskens, 4 books
Thomas Stehl, 3 books
Helmut Lüdtke, 3 books
Rudolf Muhr, 3 books
Elly van Gelderen, 3 books
David Lightfoot, 3 books
Eugenio Coseriu, 3 books
Jean Aitchison, 3 books
Grzegorz Kleparski, 3 books
Norbert Cyffer, 3 books
John H. McWhorter, 3 books
David Crystal, 3 books
Aitchison, Jean, 3 books
Siegfried Kanngiesser, 3 books
Thomas Stolz, 3 books
Bernd Heine, 3 books
Irmengard Rauch, 3 books
Gijsbert Johan Rutten, 3 books


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