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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacek Fisiak, 11 books
Irma Taavitsainen, 7 books
Lyle Campbell, 6 books
Winfred Philipp Lehmann, 5 books
Bethwyn Evans, 5 books
Hans Henrich Hock, 5 books
Yakov Malkiel, 4 books
Alexander Bergs, 4 books
Nicholas Ostler, 4 books
Simon Horobin, 4 books
Roger Blench, 4 books
E. F. K. Koerner, 4 books
André Martinet, 4 books
Rudolf P. Botha, 4 books
Colin Renfrew, 4 books
Sylvain Auroux, 4 books
Yŏn-gyu Chŏng, 4 books
Tore Janson, 4 books
Guy Deutscher, 4 books
Andreas H. Jucker, 4 books
Brian D. Joseph, 4 books
R. L. Trask, 3 books
April M. S. McMahon, 3 books
Peter Schrijver, 3 books
Winfred P. Lehmann, 3 books


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