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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johann Weidlein, 11 books
Barbara Dietz, 10 books
Schieder, Theodor., 10 books
Peter Hilkes, 9 books
Detlef Brandes, 9 books
A. A. German, 9 books
Manfred Prokop, 9 books
Carlos Henrique Trein Hunsche, 8 books
Alfred Eisfeld, 8 books
Karl Stumpp, 8 books
V. Kural, 8 books
Michael Kroner, 8 books
J. Hanno Deiler, 7 books
Gaspar Henrique Stemmer, 7 books
Boris Meissner, 7 books
Fritz Peter Habel, 7 books
Johann Böhm, 7 books
Sudetendeutscher Rat, 7 books
Tilkovszky, Loránt., 7 books
Dieter Blumenwitz, 7 books
F. I. Herriott, 6 books
Karl Ilg, 6 books
Heinz Kloss, 6 books
Peter E. Nasarski, 6 books
Heinrich Zillich, 6 books


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