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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pomogáts, Béla., 11 books
Nicolae Iorga, 8 books
Lajos Kántor, 7 books
Cseke, Péter, 6 books
Károly Kós, 6 books
Yitsḥaḳ Peri, 6 books
Ion Apostol Popescu, 6 books
Kántor, Lajos., 6 books
D. Prodan, 5 books
Miklós Bánffy, 5 books
Péter Cseke, 5 books
Imre József Balázs, 5 books
Keszeg, Vilmos., 4 books
Onisifor Ghibu, 4 books
Victor Roth, 4 books
Kós, Károly, 4 books
Keith Hitchins, 4 books
Mikó, Imre., 4 books
Ioan Bolovan, 4 books
Wass, Albert, 4 books
Béla Pomogáts, 4 books
Moshe Carmilly, 4 books
Silviu Dragomir, 4 books
Carl Göllner, 3 books
Weber, Georg, 3 books


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