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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Luther, 30 books
Moravian Church, 22 books
Gerhard Köbler, 20 books
Karl Ernst Georges, 19 books
K g langenscheidt, 19 books
Heinz Messinger, 18 books
Henry George Freeman, 18 books
M. Clark, 18 books
Hans Dieter Junge, 18 books
Wilhelm Gesenius, 16 books
P. H. Collin, 16 books
Louis De Vries, 15 books
Peter Terrell, 15 books
Wolfgang J. Koschnick, 14 books
Peter-Klaus Budig, 13 books
Carl Creifelds, 13 books
Gunhild Prowe, 13 books
Robin Sawers, 12 books
Roswitha Morris, 12 books
Herbert Bucksch, 12 books
Eduard Muret, 11 books
Reinhart von Eichborn, 11 books
Rudolf Walther, 10 books
Ludwig Hugo Köhler, 10 books
Berlitz Publishing Company, 10 books