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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jacob Grimm, 13 books
Brothers Grimm, 12 books
Reinhold Steig, 9 books
Bernhard Lauer, 6 books
Heinz Rölleke, 5 books
Ludwig Denecke, 5 books
Hermann Gerstner, 4 books
Miljan Mojašević, 4 books
Eugen Drewermann, 4 books
James M. McGlathery, 4 books
Rudolf Geiger, 4 books
Ruth Michaelis-Jena, 3 books
Herbert Scurla, 3 books
Maria Sandra Coletsos Bosco, 3 books
Heinz Wegehaupt, 3 books
Orrin W. Robinson, 3 books
Maria Tatar, 3 books
Ruth Schmidt-Wiegand, 3 books
Max Vasmer, 2 books
Alan Kirkness, 2 books
Dieter Hennig, 2 books
Schmidt, Kurt, 2 books
Hermann Hamann, 2 books
Lothar Bluhm, 2 books
Haydn Middleton, 2 books