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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brothers Grimm, 7 books
Stefan Sonderegger, 5 books
Karl Lachmann, 4 books
Karl Stackmann, 4 books
Waldemar Pfeiffer, 3 books
Dietrich Boueke, 3 books
Stammler, Wolfgang, 3 books
Detlef C. Kochan, 3 books
Iwona Bartoszewicz, 3 books
Kurt Abels, 3 books
Jost Hermand, 3 books
Jochen Vogt, 3 books
Jürgen Kolbe, 3 books
Grosse, Siegfried, 2 books
Helmut de Boor, 2 books
Albrecht Greule, 2 books
Alois Wierlacher, 2 books
Eugeniusz Tomiczek, 2 books
Georg Baesecke, 2 books
Hugo Bekker, 2 books
Hans Ramge, 2 books
Jean Fourquet, 2 books
Winfried Ulrich, 2 books
Johannes Hansel, 2 books
Valters Nollendorfs, 2 books


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