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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Holmes McGuffey, 19 books
Michel Noël, 18 books
Chris Lutrario, 17 books
Wade, Barrie., 17 books
Hilary Minns, 17 books
Roderick Hunt, 16 books
MACMILLAN, 15 books
Theodore Clymer, 14 books
John McInnes, 14 books
P. David Pearson, 13 books
Benson, Ron, 13 books
Richard Brown, 12 books
Joy Cowley, 11 books
Kate Ruttle, 10 books
Meish Goldish, 10 books
Roderick Hunt, 10 books
Elliott, Susan, 9 books
Virginia A Arnold, 9 books
G. Robert McConnell, 9 books
Henry F. Billings, 9 books
Jack Booth, 9 books
William Kirtley Durr, 8 books
Peter Afflerbach, 8 books
Marlene Greenwood, 8 books
Roderick Hunt, 8 books


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