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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roger C. Farr, 17 books
Gail E. Tompkins, 11 books
Dave Kemper, 11 books
Scholastic Inc., 9 books
John J. Pikulski, 8 books
Scholastic Inc, 8 books
Siegfried Engelmann, 8 books
Pam Scheunemann, 7 books
Isabel L. Beck, 7 books
D. Ray Reutzel, 7 books
Dorothy S. Strickland, 7 books
Laura Robb, 6 books
Imogene Forte, 6 books
Ruth Solski, 6 books
J. David Cooper, 6 books
Ronald L. Cramer, 6 books
Richard L. Allington, 6 books
James Flood, 6 books
Lesley Mandel Morrow, 5 books
McGraw-Hill, 5 books
Dorothy Grant Hennings, 5 books
Harcourt Brace & Company, 5 books
Pam Allyn, 5 books
Benson, Ron, 5 books
Cecilia Minden, 4 books


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