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Activity programs

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  • Baby Einstein by Julie Aigner-clark, Nadeem Zaidi, Julie Aigner-Clark
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    Expressways by Steven J. Molinsky
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    Teaching children science by Joseph Abruscato
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    Essential English by Louis Fidge
    Creative activities for young children by Mary Mayesky
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    Signposts to Music by Judith Lougheed
    Activities for the Differentiated Classroom by Gayle H. Gregory
    Creative Art & Activities by Mary Mayesky
    Infants, toddlers, and caregivers by Janet Gonzalez-Mena
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    Phonics they use by Patricia Marr Cunningham
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    Dynamic physical education for elementary school children by Robert P. Pangrazi
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    Sounds of Singing by Alison Ley

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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrew Haslam, 13 books
Jean Warren, 13 books
Ruth Solski, 12 books
Sian Wyn Siencyn, 12 books
Joanne Matricardi, 11 books
Anthony D. Fredericks, 11 books
Pam Walker, 11 books
Elizabeth McKinnon, 11 books
Kathy Charner, 11 books
Jan Irving, 11 books
Rob Reid, 10 books
David A. Sousa, 9 books
Pamela Byrne Schiller, 9 books
Marvin N. Tolman, 9 books
Carol Seefeldt, 9 books
Nancy Polette, 9 books
Gayle Bittinger, 9 books
Audrey J. Adair-Hauser, 9 books
Sally Moomaw, 8 books
Rhonda Vansant, 8 books
Shirley C. Raines, 7 books
Jeanne McLarty, 7 books
Pat Huggins, 7 books
Ruth E. Parker, 7 books
Liz Wilmes, 6 books


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