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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Olivia N. Saracho, 25 books
Judy Herr, 20 books
Bernard Spodek, 19 books
Cathy Nutbrown, 16 books
George S. Morrison, 15 books
Karen Menke Paciorek, 15 books
Tina Bruce, 15 books
Carol Seefeldt, 15 books
Penny Tassoni, 14 books
Mary Renck Jalongo, 14 books
Stephanie Feeney, 13 books
Pamela Byrne Schiller, 11 books
Lilian Katz, 11 books
Linda Miller, 10 books
Eva Moravcik, 9 books
Angela Anning, 9 books
Sharon Lynn Kagan, 9 books
Jean Warren, 9 books
Peter Moss, 8 books
Sharon Ryan, 8 books
Sue Clark Wortham, 8 books
Marilyn Fleer, 8 books
Kathy Charner, 8 books
Sue Bredekamp, 8 books
Janet Gonzalez-Mena, 8 books


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