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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rudolf Steiner, 39 books
Peter Selg, 23 books
Gerhard Wehr, 10 books
Frans Carlgren, 6 books
Steffen, Albert, 6 books
Arnold Freeman, 6 books
Andrey Bely, 6 books
Francis Edmunds, 6 books
Christoph Lindenberg, 6 books
Herbert Witzenmann, 5 books
Geoffrey Ahern, 4 books
Friedrich Hiebel, 4 books
Otto Palmer, 4 books
Karl Ballmer, 4 books
O'Meara, John, 4 books
Johannes Kiersch, 4 books
Heten Wilkens, 4 books
F. W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven, 4 books
A. C. Harwood, 3 books
Guenther Wachsmuth, 3 books
Adams, George M.A., 3 books
Walter Kugler, 3 books
Unger, Carl, 3 books
Rex Raab, 3 books
Louis Francis Edmunds, 3 books


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