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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bobby Lynn Maslen, 28 books
Randall I. Charles, 16 books
James A. Banks, 12 books
Laurette Zhang, 9 books
William Badders, 8 books
Sarah Prince, 8 books
Ruth Solski, 8 books
Jenny Feely, 8 books
Francis M. Fennell, 7 books
Gary Cross, 7 books
Kathleen Doyle, 7 books
Jack Wassermann, 6 books
Dana McMillan, 6 books
Carole E. Greenes, 6 books
Robert E. Eicholz, 6 books
Mary Atwater, 6 books
TERC (Firm), 6 books
Marlene Kliman, 5 books
Rob Browne, 5 books
Roger C. Farr, 5 books
Meredith Costain, 5 books
Isabel L. Beck, 4 books
Marguerite Deschamps, 4 books
Jean Bell, 4 books
Linda Schulman Dacey, 4 books


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