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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bobbie Kalman, 189 books
n/a, 64 books
Steve Parker, 48 books
Molly Aloian, 42 books
Anita Ganeri, 40 books
Diane Swanson, 40 books
Alain M. Bergeron, 34 books
Elizabeth MacLeod, 33 books
Angela Royston, 31 books
Pam Holden, 29 books
Camilla De la Bédoyère, 28 books
Kelley MacAulay, 27 books
Collectif, 25 books
Pamela Hickman, 23 books
John Crossingham, 22 books
Clive Gifford, 22 books
Emilie Beaumont, 22 books
N/A, 22 books
Ann Love, 21 books
Louise Spilsbury, 20 books
Philip Steele, 20 books
Paulette Bourgeois, 20 books
Kaite Goldsworthy, 20 books
Heather C. Hudak, 19 books
Rebecca Sjonger, 19 books