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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Curie, Eve, 8 books
Marie Curie, 8 books
Beverley Birch, 4 books
Józef Hurwic, 2 books
Mollie Keller, 2 books
Eleanor Doorly, 2 books
Yves Igot, 2 books
Olgierd Wołczek, 2 books
Robin McKown, 2 books
Kathleen Krull, 2 books
Ian Graham, 2 books
Sabine Seifert, 2 books
Sarah Dry, 2 books
Jeannine Atkins, 2 books
Steve Parker, 2 books
Susan Quinn, 2 books
Françoise Giroud, 2 books
Rosalynd Pflaum, 2 books
Peter Ksoll, 1 book
Ann Donegan Johnson, 1 book
Susan Sherman, 1 book
Natacha Molina, 1 book
Marina Montemayer, 1 book
Bernard Lehembre, 1 book
Wang, Wei., 1 book


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