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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Amelia Earhart, 5 books
Andrew Langley, 4 books
Judy Wearing, 3 books
Burke, John, 2 books
Vincent V. Loomis, 2 books
Muriel Earhart Morrissey, 2 books
Max Allan Collins, 2 books
Mary S. Lovell, 2 books
Candace Fleming, 2 books
John Parlin, 2 books
Jay Faerber, 2 books
Wickham, Martha, 2 books
Donald M. Goldstein, 2 books
Mira Nair, 2 books
Carol Ann Pearce, 1 book
Joe Klaas, 1 book
Thomas E. Devine, 1 book
John Micklos, 1 book
J. A. Donahue, 1 book
Myers, Robert H., 1 book
Peggy Mann, 1 book
Zonta International., 1 book
Megan E. Bryant, 1 book
Jane Sutcliffe, 1 book
Robin S. Doak, 1 book


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