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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Crystal, 9 books
Eric Partridge, 7 books
Merriam-Webster, 7 books
Jenny Mezciems, 5 books
John Ayto, 5 books
Peter Trudgill, 5 books
Claude Julien Rawson, 5 books
Christian Mair, 4 books
J. A. Simpson, 4 books
Laurence Urdang, 4 books
Daniel L. Kirkpatrick, 4 books
Sandra M. Gilbert, 4 books
Peter Mark Roget, 4 books
Jonathon Green, 4 books
Rodney D. Huddleston, 3 books
Roberts, Paul, 3 books
Stanley W. Wells, 3 books
Nigel Rees, 3 books
Jill Hadfield, 3 books
A. Ashley, 3 books
Simon Greenall, 3 books
Diana Pye, 3 books
Paula R. Backscheider, 3 books
Peter J. Kitson, 3 books
R. E. Allen, 3 books


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