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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank N. Magill, 8 books
Sybil P. Parker, 7 books
Gale Group, 6 books
Adrian Room, 6 books
Stanley Sadie, 6 books
J. D. Douglas, 5 books
Phyllis Hartnoll, 4 books
Merriam-Webster, Inc, 4 books
Abel Boyer, 3 books
Otto Penzler, 3 books
Martin Banham, 3 books
Thomas Nugent, 3 books
Jerry Martin Rosenberg, 3 books
Osborne, Harold, 3 books
P. H. Collin, 3 books
Valerie Grundy, 3 books
David L. Sills, 3 books
Jacob Neusner, 3 books
Daniel L. Kirkpatrick, 3 books
Carl Sifakis, 3 books
Marie-Hélène Corréard, 3 books
J. Gordon Melton, 3 books
Timothy L. Gall, 3 books
Alan Gilpin, 3 books
Stanley Hochman, 3 books


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