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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carol Turkington, 37 books
Spencer Tucker, 33 books
n/a, 32 books
DK Publishing, 28 books
Mary Ellen Snodgrass, 25 books
James Ciment, 24 books
David Levinson, 23 books
Colin Larkin, 23 books
K. Lee Lerner, 22 books
World Book, Inc, 22 books
Allen Kent, 21 books
Sybil P. Parker, 21 books
Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 20 books
Robert A. Meyers, 19 books
Somerset Publishers, 19 books
Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, 19 books
Timothy L. Gall, 19 books
George Thomas Kurian, 19 books
Susan B. Gall, 16 books
Karl H. Potter, 16 books
Jacqueline L. Longe, 15 books
Robert L. Gale, 15 books
James R. Lewis, 15 books
David Alderton, 15 books
I. S. Zonn, 14 books