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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Allen Kent, 25 books
James Copland, 20 books
Carol Turkington, 19 books
Harold Lancour, 15 books
Robert L. Gale, 15 books
Jay E. Daily, 13 books
Spencer Tucker, 12 books
Matthew Bunson, 11 books
David E. Newton, 11 books
Rosemary Guiley, 11 books
Rob Nagel, 10 books
Varios, 9 books
James Ciment, 9 books
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen., 8 books
Kurian, George Thomas., 8 books
Carl Sifakis, 8 books
Barbara Elvers, 8 books
Newton, Michael, 7 books
John Heinerman, 7 books
Jack Belzer, 7 books
Albert G. Holzman, 7 books
Michael T. Murray, 7 books
Eileen Tighe, 7 books
Nico Vermeulen, 6 books
Mary Ellen Snodgrass, 6 books


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