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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David William Foster, 6 books
Harold Bloom, 4 books
Sandra M. Gilbert, 4 books
John Higginbotham, 3 books
Norman Kiell, 3 books
Carolyn G. Heilbrun, 3 books
Donald Keene, 3 books
Sacvan Bercovitch, 3 books
Warner Berthoff, 3 books
Houston A. Baker, 3 books
Lee T. Lemon, 2 books
P. M. Mitchell, 2 books
Gilbert Highet, 2 books
Maureen Ihrie, 2 books
Hans Mayer, 2 books
Green, Peter, 2 books
Hortense J. Spillers, 2 books
Daniel Grassian, 2 books
Sunday Ogbonna Anozie, 2 books
Amritjit Singh, 2 books
James Kritzeck, 2 books
Otto Rank, 2 books
Peter Pierce, 2 books
Edward E. Chielens, 2 books
Askedal, John Ole, 2 books


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