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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Suetonius, 94 books
Amino, Yoshihiko, 10 books
Grant, Michael, 9 books
Robert Graves, 8 books
Takahashi, Hiroshi, 8 books
Edward Leigh, 8 books
Sextus Aurelius Victor, 7 books
Herodian, 7 books
Anthony Richard Birley, 7 books
Nagahara, Keiji, 6 books
Marcus Junianus Justinus, 6 books
Julian Emperor of Rome, 6 books
Takeshi Hara, 6 books
Octave Aubry, 5 books
Ivar Lissner, 5 books
Eusebius of Caesarea, 5 books
Hubert Goltzius, 5 books
Michael Grant, 5 books
Edvard Radzinsky, 5 books
Isao Tokoro, 5 books
Jochen Bleicken, 5 books
Yukio Itō, 5 books
Nanami Shiono, 5 books
Tōru Ōtsu, 5 books
Philip Dwyer, 4 books


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