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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Fitz-Hugh, 11 books
Wilhelm Ott, 8 books
Kedārabhaṭṭa., 8 books
Charles Anthon, 7 books
Gottfried Hermann, 7 books
Lucian Müller, 6 books
Robert Lowth, 6 books
Pindar, 6 books
Ott, Wilhelm., 5 books
Dag Ludvig Norberg, 4 books
George Buchanan, 4 books
A. W. de Groot, 4 books
Publius Terentius Afer, 4 books
Giuseppe Morelli, 4 books
Hubert Ashton Holden, 4 books
Antonín Kolář, 4 books
Leon Josiah Richardson, 4 books
John Peter, 4 books
Manuel Alvares, 4 books
Cesare Questa, 4 books
Eduard Norden, 4 books
Kālidāsa, 4 books
Morell, Thomas, 4 books
Ratnākaraśānti, 4 books
Bruno Gentili, 4 books


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