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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aeschylus, 74 books
Euripides, 31 books
Sophocles, 23 books
Friedrich Nietzsche, 13 books
Albin Lesky, 6 books
Jacqueline de Romilly, 6 books
Henrik Holmboe, 5 books
Ridgeway, William Sir, 4 books
David Grene, 4 books
Jan Kott, 4 books
T. B. L. Webster, 4 books
August Nauck, 3 books
C. J. Herington, 3 books
Richmond Alexander Lattimore, 3 books
Schadewaldt, Wolfgang, 3 books
H. D. F. Kitto, 3 books
Geffcken, Johannes, 3 books
Hugh Lloyd-Jones, 3 books
Denys Lionel Page, 3 books
Lewis Campbell, 3 books
William Whallon, 3 books
Oliver Taplin, 3 books
Nicole Loraux, 3 books
Rush Rehm, 3 books
Donald J. Mastronarde, 3 books


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