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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wood, Clement, 13 books
Wang, Li, 10 books
M. L. Gasparov, 10 books
Amitacākarar., 8 books
Wilhelm Ott, 8 books
Tomás Navarro Tomás, 7 books
W. Theodor Elwert, 7 books
Thomas Stewart Omond, 7 books
Thomas Fitz-Hugh, 7 books
Dante Alighieri, 7 books
Maria Dłuska, 7 books
Prabodh Chandra Sen, 6 books
Saintsbury, George, 6 books
Maurice Grammont, 6 books
Clive Scott, 6 books
Edward Bysshe, 6 books
V. E. Kholshevnikov, 6 books
Robert Seymour Bridges, 5 books
Heusler, Andreas, 5 books
Wanostrocht, N., 5 books
Ott, Wilhelm., 5 books
John Mason, 5 books
Francis Barton Gummere, 5 books
Adolf Tobler, 5 books
Reuven Tsur, 5 books


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