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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Earl Mindell, 24 books
Philip M. Parker, 23 books
Christopher Hobbs, 20 books
Milton H. Erickson, 20 books
James A. Duke, 18 books
Penelope Ody, 17 books
Hoffmann, David, 17 books
John Heinerman, 16 books
Lester Packer, 16 books
Stephen Harrod Buhner, 15 books
James N. Parker, 15 books
ICON Health Publications, 14 books
Rosemary Gladstar, 14 books
James N. Parker, 14 books
Bernard Jensen, 13 books
Nan Li, 13 books
Stephen Fulder, 13 books
Basilius Valentinus., 13 books
Jorge Sintes Pros, 12 books
Opie, Lionel H., 12 books
Kedar N. Prasad, 12 books
Stephen R. Lankton, 12 books
Gail M. Wilkes, 11 books
Bruce Fife, 11 books
Cherie Calbom, 11 books


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