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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Milton H. Erickson, 21 books
Leslie M. LeCron, 15 books
H. Bernheim, 11 books
Georgia Byng, 10 books
Stephen R. Lankton, 9 books
Jeffrey K. Zeig, 8 books
Alfred Binet, 8 books
Paul McKenna, 8 books
Milton V. Kline, 8 books
Albert Moll, 7 books
Irving Kirsch, 6 books
Steven J. Lynn, 6 books
Claude Scott Moss, 6 books
Michael D. Yapko, 6 books
Dolores Cannon, 6 books
V. M. Kandyba, 6 books
Ernest Ropiequet Hilgard, 6 books
Auguste Forel, 5 books
Lewis R. Wolberg, 5 books
Braid, James, 5 books
Léon Chertok, 5 books
Daniel L. Araoz, 5 books
Theodore X. Barber, 5 books
Richard Bandler, 5 books
Erika Fromm, 5 books


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