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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Associated Seed Growers, Inc, 21 books
James A. Duke, 20 books
Penelope Ody, 17 books
Hoffmann, David, 17 books
Storey Publishing, 16 books
Rosemary Gladstar, 16 books
Earl Mindell, 15 books
Jekka McVicar, 12 books
Llewellyn Publications, 12 books
Nicholas Culpeper, 12 books
Anne McIntyre, 10 books
Lesley Bremness, 10 books
John Hill, 10 books
Margaret Roberts, 10 books
Jeanne Rose, 9 books
Margaret Roberts, 9 books
David Hoffmann, 9 books
Deni Bown, 9 books
Jessica Houdret, 9 books
Christopher Hobbs, 8 books
John Heinerman, 8 books
Stephen Harrod Buhner, 8 books
Steven Bratman, 8 books
Michael Castleman, 8 books
Bob Flaws, 8 books