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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jekka McVicar, 4 books
Georgeanne Brennan, 4 books
Jackie French, 4 books
United States. Department of Agriculture. Radio Service, 4 books
Mel Bartholomew, 3 books
Jerry Traunfeld, 3 books
Emelie Tolley, 3 books
Charles W. G. Smith, 3 books
Jill Norman, 3 books
Ruth Bass, 3 books
Hazel Evans, 2 books
Ian Hemphill, 2 books
Millie Owen, 2 books
Kathryn Hawkins, 2 books
Rosalind Creasy, 2 books
Cox, Jeff, 2 books
Barty Phillips, 2 books
Malcolm Stuart, 2 books
Andi Clevely, 2 books
Kate Hemphill, 2 books
Patricia Jamieson, 2 books
Judy Walter, 2 books
Pat Crocker, 2 books
Matthew Biggs, 2 books
Ann Bonar, 2 books


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