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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ann Vanderhoof, 4 books
Jenna Holst, 3 books
Sallie Morris, 3 books
Clare Gordon-Smith, 2 books
Robertson, Robin, 2 books
Dave DeWitt, 2 books
Jill Norman, 2 books
Kara Newman, 2 books
Sara Engram, 2 books
Jane Lawson, 1 book
Ana Sortun, 1 book
Ian Hemphill, 1 book
Chris Caldicott, 1 book
Tom Stobart, 1 book
Edith M. Barber, 1 book
Meredith Sayles Hughes, 1 book
Cyrus Todiwala, 1 book
Jane Walker, 1 book
Vicki Liley, 1 book
Jack Turner, 1 book
Michael Hultquist, 1 book
Suvir Saran, 1 book
Naomi Duguid, 1 book
Stephanie Pedersen, 1 book
Ruby Le Bois, 1 book


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