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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yuto Tsukuda, 33 books
Elizabeth David, 6 books
Kay Shaw Nelson, 5 books
Robertson, Robin, 5 books
Mark Bittman, 5 books
Troth Wells, 5 books
Xinyi Li, 5 books
Time-Life Books, 4 books
Steven Raichlen, 4 books
Gil Marks, 4 books
Ruth Reichl, 4 books
Burton Wolf, 4 books
Evelyn Rose, 4 books
Ken Albala, 4 books
David Tanis, 4 books
Shuangru Huang, 4 books
Meiji Feng, 4 books
Yang tao wen hua (Firm), 4 books
Robert L. Wolfe, 3 books
Craig Claiborne, 3 books
Jeffrey Alford, 3 books
Lou Seibert Pappas, 3 books
Ken Hom, 3 books
Carrier, Robert, 3 books
Diane Wolfe, 3 books


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