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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
United States. Department of Agriculture. Radio Service, 44 books
Martha Stewart, 17 books
Penny Warner, 16 books
Betty Crocker, 11 books
Jean Pare, 11 books
Nathan Williams, 10 books
Kinfolk Magazine Staff, 10 books
Stephen Linn, 8 books
Marlene Sorosky, 8 books
Bridget Jones, 8 books
Jean Pare, 7 books
Ethel Bowers, 6 books
Susan Branch, 6 books
Meredith Brokaw, 6 books
Jean Paré, 6 books
Helen Eisenberg, 5 books
Mrs. Beeton, 5 books
Barbara Scott-Goodman, 5 books
Abigail Kirsch, 5 books
Geister, Edna, 5 books
Angela Wilkes, 5 books
Anna Post, 5 books
Gooseberry Patch, 5 books
Cooking Club of America, 5 books
Matthew Mead, 5 books


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