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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daisy Meadows, 10 books
Deanna F. Cook, 7 books
Virginia Woolf, 6 books
Cynthia Rylant, 6 books
Lucy Cousins, 6 books
Jane O'Connor, 6 books
Laura Ingalls Wilder, 5 books
Stan Berenstain, 5 books
Barbara Park, 5 books
Penny Warner, 5 books
Marc Tolon Brown, 5 books
Jan Berenstain, 5 books
Meg Cabot, 5 books
Gwendolyn Hooks, 4 books
Abby Klein, 4 books
Harriet Ziefert, 4 books
James Marshall, 4 books
A. A. Milne, 4 books
R. L. Stine, 4 books
Isabel Gaines, 4 books
Margret Rey, 4 books
Cheryl L. Enderlein, 4 books
Caralyn Buehner, 4 books
Mike Thaler, 4 books
Linda Glovach, 4 books


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