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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
R. L. Stine, 13 books
Harriet Ziefert, 10 books
Stan Berenstain, 8 books
Salina Yoon, 7 books
Abby Klein, 6 books
Norman Bridwell, 6 books
Anne F. Rockwell, 6 books
Alan Benjamin, 6 books
Mike Thaler, 6 books
Lillie Patterson, 6 books
Stephen Mooser, 6 books
Daisy Meadows, 5 books
Carol Greene, 5 books
Margery Cuyler, 5 books
Felicia Bond, 5 books
Sarah Willson, 5 books
Mary Packard, 5 books
Ann M. Martin, 5 books
Ida DeLage, 5 books
United States. Department of Agriculture. Radio Service, 5 books
Marcy Kelman, 4 books
Kraus, Robert, 4 books
Eve Bunting, 4 books
Steve Metzger, 4 books
Barbara Park, 4 books


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