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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wanda Coven, 29 books
Kim Harrison, 27 books
Daisy Meadows, 26 books
Joseph Delaney, 26 books
Yasuko Anbiru, 26 books
Laura Owen, 26 books
Cate Tiernan, 25 books
Jill Murphy, 24 books
Diana G. Gallagher, 23 books
Valerie Thomas, 23 books
Yasuko Ambiru, 20 books
Helen Nicoll, 20 books
Mel Odom, 16 books
Hiawyn Oram, 16 books
Cathy East Dubowski, 16 books
Ida DeLage, 16 books
Patricia Coombs, 16 books
Terry Pratchett, 15 books
Debi Gliori, 15 books
E. D. Baker, 15 books
Rose Impey, 15 books
Nancy Holder, 15 books
Gregory Maguire, 14 books
L. J. Smith, 14 books
Anne Bishop, 13 books


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