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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frog God Games, 523 books
Insight Editions, 352 books
Grant Stockbridge, 159 books
Mercedes Lackey, 86 books
Andi J. Feron, 80 books
Anna Lowe, 77 books
Kevin J. Anderson, 76 books
Michael Moorcock, 75 books
Alex Archer, 69 books
Piers Anthony, 66 books
Jen L. Grey, 65 books
Jeff Harkness, 63 books
Gary Schotter, 63 books
Robin Hobb, 62 books
Andre Norton, 61 books
Matthew J. Finch, 59 books
Jacquelyn Smith, 58 books
R. A. Salvatore, 56 books
Margaret Weis, 55 books
Terry Pratchett, 53 books
H. Rider Haggard, 52 books
Terry Pratchett, 52 books
Kailin Gow, 51 books
Bill Webb, 49 books
Barbara Hambly, 48 books