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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Seth Daniels, 602 books
Caralyn Knight, 342 books
Selena Kitt, 220 books
habu, 187 books
K. Windsor, 147 books
Lizbeth Dusseau, 142 books
Kathi S. Barton, 139 books
Joey W. Hill, 121 books
Siolnatine, 121 books
Ava Sterling, 119 books
Sean Michael, 117 books
J. M. Snyder, 113 books
Claire Thompson, 111 books
Melange Books LLC Staff, 103 books
Kate Hill, 102 books
Willa Okati, 101 books
Lon Sarver, 96 books
JMS Books LLC Staff, 95 books
J. J. Joella, 73 books
Kate Douglas, 72 books
Giselle Renarde, 70 books
D. M. Atkins, 67 books
Aubrey Ross, 66 books
Rylan Hunter, 66 books
Devon Layne, 64 books